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Revival in the Pews:

Uncovering the Plot to Destroy Your Destiny

by Vivian Phillips

We're changing lives one disciple & one destiny at a time.

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Heaven Sent CD

Revival in the Pews


What Are People Saying About

"Revival in the Pews"

After reading your book I am ready

to grow as a Christian. Now I

read my Bible everyday

and it is changing my life.

(M. Wilson, Growing Believer)

***** 5-Stars Awesome!

Everyone should read this book.

Great purchase.

February 28, 2018 Amazon Review/Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your wonderful, inspirational, insightful, eye opening book. (Brenda - December 2017)

As I read "Revival in the Pews" I am learning how to fall in love with Jesus again. It feels like I'm being rejuvenated and re-inspired toward my destiny. I don't want my life to end the way it is going. I'm done with all this mess that is wasting my time and money. This book is really, really, good and I am really being blessed." (Kandice P., Returning Christian) 

Your research, knowledge, passion and book position you well for impact!

(Lisa J., Maturing Disciple)

I think a lot of people have been waiting for your message.

(Jonathan P., Unaffiliated Believer)


His Servant, The Disciple-Maker

About the Author

Vivian Phillips

Missionary - International Speaker - Spiritual Cessation Coach

Publisher - Television Talk Show Host - Marketplace Chaplain

Vivian Phillips is a spirit-filled servant leader who is on a mission to provoke the 1.7 billion un-discipled Christians to grow, mature and then multiply. She intends on tackling this in a three phase process:


Phase I:

> Finish manuscript and publish "Revival in the Pews" COMPLETED 2017

> Do  the "Revival in the Pews" Destiny Book Tour (Arizona, California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, and Florida) COMPLETED 2018

> Turn "Revival in the Pews" into an audio book PENDING

> Get "Revival in the Pews" in the hands of one million Christians to provoke revival in the individual followers of Christ. 2020/2021

Phase II:

> Launch the Disciple's Hotline to reach more un-discipled Christians who want to grow but don't know how. POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19

Phase III:

> Complete the on-line discipleship tool. SUMMER 2021

       For almost 30= years Vivian has traveled as a speaker throughout the United States empowering women, to various countries in Africa as a missionary, and to Brazil to bring healthcare to the poor. Vivian has an extensive background in the non-profit arena, fundraising, micro-enterprise development, child & maternal health, at-risk youth, prayer for spiritual oppression, children's deliverance, teenage pregnancy, spiritual tobacco cessation and HIV/AIDS. Vivian loves business prayer and marketplace ministry. She ministered for four years at the Arizona Deliverance Center/House of Healing. In the local church she occupied the position of Sunday School Teacher for 5-12 year olds, Sunday School Superintendent, Usher, Women's Ministry, Outreach, and Administrator. Her faith transitioned from being raised Baptist, to Penecostal, to Full Gospel, to Non-denominational and now just His Servant.

She created a faith-based quit smoking testimony and deliverance CD called Heaven Sent that tells her story of 24 years of bondage to nicotine and how God delivered her with 10 words. It was featured at the National Tobacco Conference for the United States where she was the keynote speaker for the prayer breakfast. Over 700 nicotine dependent people have benefited. 

She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors including being nominated Outstanding Business Woman of the Year. She holds the title of Ms. Black Arizona 1987 and hosted her own charitable television talk show on CBS.  Vivian graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and is a resident of Phoenix, Arizona.   





pAugust 25, 2020 at 7:00pm MST

Premiere YouTube Video: Black American & Abortion by Vivian Phillips

May 16, 2020

Prospective Community Partner: IGC

May 26, 2020 (Phoenix, Arizona)

Radio Intervi on Faith Talk Radio

The Forum w/Marc Lucas


April, 2019 (Phoenix, Arizona)

Launch the New Disciple's Hotline

Call 602-935-8540


January 19, 2019 (Prescott, Arizona)

Vivian: Luncheon Speaker

Prescott Aglow

March 29-31 (SanDiego, California)

Kingdom of God Apostolic & Prophetic Ministry Intl

16th Year Prayer Conference Celebration

August 7-11, 2019 (Phoenix, Arizona)

Kingdom of God Apostolic & Prophetic Ministry Intl

21st Annual Five-Fold Ministry Conference

September 2019 (Africa)

September 2019 (Africa) **Postponed**

Vivian "Black Pearl" Book Tour, Accelerate Africa

People Empowered Worldwide, LLC

Pending Cities for Ministry

New Jersey, Washington, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Additional locations are possible. 


December 31, 2018 (Phoenix, Arizona)

Vivian: Exhortation

Kingdom of God Apostolic & Prophetic Ministry International

May - October, 2018

Revival in the Pews Destiny Book Tour

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois and Florida

January 11-13, 2018 (Sacramento, California)

Vivian: Let the Prophet Speak

Kingdom of God Apostolic & Prophetic Ministry Intl

16th Year Prayer Conference Celebration



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